I've experienced the firsthand experience just how unsatisfactory a knife is. You truly feel as if you're cutting on with a spoon. Sharpening gets the problem easier, but after some weeks, bluntness haunts you.

That you do anticipate preparing dinner which needs cutting or cutting off. However, once I won the Magic Chef metal Electric Knife, cutting not been exactly the same.

The Magic Chef Knife can be an effective remedy to all of your cutting edge difficulties. As its name sounds, the knife resembles magic. The electric appliance is constructed from steel and goes via vegetables and meat such as a hot knife on butter. A complete kitchen companion tool for you personally.

Following are a few of the greatest qualities the knife supplies.

Elite Cuisine EK-570B maxi matic Electric Knife

High-Quality Stainless Steel

As its name implies the magical includes a metal plastic knife of sound quality. The steel material used ensures that the knife will do the job busily and perfectly. It'll slice through almost any food that you would like to buy to without fight make it glossy or perhaps not.

The stainless characteristic of this knife means you won't ever think it is rusting. Like I have said, taking care of glistening foods wont matter if dealing using this particular knife. For those who have caused different kinds of metals perhaps not stainless, then you understand how inconvenient it could be.

Three Distinct Blades

The magical chef is just one of those hardly any knives that'll permit one to see three unique blade purposes. This kind of knife includes three fully operational blades to get different food types. You wont need to acquire various knives for cutting edge.

There's really a knife for cutting out bread, still another blade to get cutting veggies and the 3rd one for your own bet. You're able to switch them in any given time without any hassle. I find this feature perfect for everybody, particularly those people who spend some time from your kitchen.

Comes with a Ergonomic handle

The magical knife includes a slick, black color handle that's ergonomic and provides user maximum relaxation whilst trimming, cutting or carving whatever food thing. This feature ensures you've got an extremely limited time specially once joined to power.

The deal, I've discovered to be both adamant and quite lasting I must state. I've worked along with additional grips which aren't as strong, however using this particular one, you could tell the difference straight away. The deal can also be pretty hardy and doesn't move.

Has Sharp Blades

You could not locate any thinner knife in relation to the magical knife anywhere. The magic knife is most famous for being among the sharpest blades from the knife industry now. Users are cautioned to be exceptionally careful when applying this particular knife.

Users also have discovered that the sharpness of the blade longlasting. Undoubtedly, this knife wont provide you cutting edge problems from dull blades. With the magical fighter, trimming is amazing and perfect. You wont need to sharpen it frequently. The steel material makes that it remains sharp for extended spans.

Woodblock Tray

Nearly all businesses coping with sharp and blades thing are extremely inconsiderate. They on average pack blades and send them care of the manner in which you may save the blade into your property. It could be regrettable for users with very little comprehension about blade safe kids and keeping within their houses.

Unlike such businesses, the magical knife metal manufacturers offer you additional wood-block trays for knife partitioning. It keeps your knife at precisely the exact same sharp condition for quite a while. Meaning that you may not need to sharpen it regularly as a consequence of blade bluntness. The blade ensures that your knife stays sharp for extended spans.

Things We Liked

  • Provides unique cutting tip for difficult to split regions
  • Built from high Excellent steel
  • Safe to utilize
  • Comfort traction
  • Easy installment
  • plus-circle

Things We Didn't Like

  • Short cord

Frequently Asked Questions​​

Exactly how many blades does that knife possess and can it be corded?

​The knife includes three blades, and it's corded.

Final Verdict

The Magic Chef metal electric knife was designed to fix all of your difficulties in a piece. It's exemplary in terms of cutting edge. Out of experience, this knife readily passes whilst the most useful I've caused.

You may not regret with the magical knife thing since your cutting edge companion. Coming in at a economical value too means it's exceptionally affordable to get an electrical knife. That you never have a justification as never to acquiring just one it worked for me personally; it will do the job with you too.


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