Elite Cuisine EK-570B Maxi Matic Electric Knife Review

​For those who have yet to be using electric knives then you're missing lots. An electrical knife illuminates some ease and relieve in your kitchen cutting actions. Just as a power knife is just a fantastic information, it may be bad news for those who get the wrong option. Elite can be really a popular and well-known kitchen accessories brand and its own automated knife that stands up that standing inside this very best electric knife reviews.

Elite Cuisine EK-570B

Elite Cuisine EK-570B maxi matic Electric Knife includes features which result in a knife which won't let you.

It supplies you with the potential to slit various foods. At the early hours you can be able to slit freshly baked bread and then spread margarine or earn a sandwich. You might even slice a cube of cheese into small bits afterward slit fried or roasted meat. It is the right time for you to ditch shredding knives and also the ones that desire sharpening usually; this isn't true with this specific cuisine slicer.

Elite Cuisine EK-570B

The Elite Cuisine EK-570B Maxi Matic Electric Knife ships using 2 serrated blades. Both are definitely well-crafted from stainlesssteel. And in addition to these wooing aesthetics sensation, the provider was able to bring a convenient twist button which makes it an easy task to eliminate the blades and then wash them.

Two Stainless Steel Blades

The Elite Cuisine EK-570B maxi matic Electric Knife includes just two full-size metal blades. The serrated look of these knives also allows one to cut and cutting a great deal of foods. The blade enables one to cut to five inches.

Both metal blades may be interchangeable with the swift release switch. The blades have the capacity to endure a few intense cutting edge.

Sleek Design

A slick design eases for a comfortable grip. A comfortable grip afterward translates into precise cutting edge. It takes that you just grasp the handle while holding down the trigger. This causes simplicity of usage as once you let off the cause, the knife extends away.

The black shade of this deal matches the sleek design of this knife. The grip absolutely accommodates the effective motor.

Fast and Simple Cleaning

From your kitchen cleanliness isn't obviously important. A knife that doesn't demand much hard work to wash eases keeping in mind your kitchen tidy. Elite Cuisine EK-570B maxi matic Electric Knife includes features that enhance the cleanliness.

The blade twist button has been conveniently added to the very top of this grip. The eject button makes for quick and effortless cleanup. Once the blade ejects, then you may certainly wash it with detergents if not put this inside the dishwasher.

Ergonomic Handle

Elite Cuisine employs an ergonomic handle with the knife to provide you with the excellent grip. The single real challenge you may get with the deal is that it requires a few huge hands on. I discover that the deal comfortable, however my wife discovers the deal too large on her behalf.

The rest of the characteristics of this deal including the signature on/off button will be at a convenient location. They permit easy on/off and even simpler blade discharge.


The metal serrated blades result in durable blades which might find you by way of quite a lengthy period of usage. The blades are sharp and cut many different fruits and veggies along with meat.

Ordinarily I opt to alter the blade if a person has got dull. Obtaining dull isn't something happens readily, therefore they really knife will provide you exceptional serviceability.

Things We Liked

  • Suitable ejection pub
  • Provides smooth and pleasant cuts
  • One-touch on/off control
  • Quick and Effortless cleanup
  • Two beefy blades

Things We Didn't Like

  • Too large a handle for small handles

Frequently Asked Questions

It is said that the handle is too big?

​The deal is enormous particularly for anyone who have small hands on.

Does the handle come only in color black?

​The deal stems just in color black that will be quite appealing.

Must I hold down the trigger during operation?

​Yes as soon as you it go the cause the knife moves away.

Final Verdict

Grab your self a knife that will not become dull from the very first week of usage. This type of knife would be your Elite Cuisine EK-570B Maxi Matic Electric Knife. The knife is out of quality materials, and also the engine gives for exemplary performance. The plan creates ease of usage and facilitates to completely clean. Elite Cuisine EK-570B maxi matic Electric Knife is amongst many most effective electric knives that you should check it out there.


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