Once you're opting for outdoor pursuits like biking, trekking, hunting, combat training or another actions, it is wise to carry the best fixed blade knife. This kind of knife can help save once you have to reduce firewood, cut rope, and make a shield or perhaps skin match. Afterall, you can't do dozens of activities with your palms?

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BlizeTec Survival Fixed Blade Knife



Morakniv Companion Fixed Blade Knife



Gerber StrongArm Fixed Blade



Schrade SCH57 Full Fixed Blade Knife



Elk Ridge ER-052, Fixed Blade Hunting Knife



For a lot of people, they presume that a ideal survival knifeought to have an extremely long grip and a chainsaw-like blade.

This really isn't the situation. In reality, most stationary blade knives are made out of a blade that is smooth in order they are able to supply you with versatility.

If you would like to have a premier quality stationary knife which is likely to soon be great once you're out doors, this web site provides you high choices in addition to a successful purchasing guide that will assist you to pick the best survival knife.

Best Fixed Blade Knife at 201​9 - Reviews

BlizeTec Survival Fixed Blade Knife

BlizeTec Survival Fixed Blade Knife

This remarkable fixed knife would be your most effective that you may get whenever you're opting for a knife for hunting goals. It's wonderful benefits that'll make certain you receive the very best hunting experience there really is.

The knife includes a Rambo style that helps make the knife well suited for your own jungle and equipped to hold out against the roughness experienced throughout an adventure.By with this particular knife, woods and hunting activities are a very important thing that you are going to desire to indulge your self in.

The blade is quite sharp and it has a serrated edge to be certain clipping through crazy meat really is easy and from all means simple.

Additionally, it features a flame starter for survival along with also an LED flashlight that's very bright and may last for approximately 30 hrs. The flame newcomer was made to provide upto 12,000 strikes before being outside of service.

It's created with sturdy metal, this blade is more resistant to rust, and also the timber handle designed to your blade provides a best traction using a non feel. With this specific hunting knife, no more crazy meat you plan to slaughter stands an opportunity along with your experience whilst hunting is going to be you always to keep in mind.

Things We Liked

  • The knife includes a belt loop pouch for storage
  • It's resistant to rust
  • The knife is extremely sharp
  • The blade is more lasting
  • It's mild

Things We Didn't Like

  • Direct contact with the LED light for a long time can cause partial blindness

Morakniv Companion Fixed Blade Knife

Morakniv Companion Fixed Blade Knife

For several enjoyable outdoor tasks, end up this remarkable Morakniv Companion fixed-blade Outdoor Knife.

The knife includes a solid stainless steel blade, combined using Sandvik material to guarantee it really is as tough as it looks.

The metal makes certain the blade is more resistant to rust and features a glistening coating.

A non grip that's been patterned helps to ensure that the knife will not readily fall off the other street as you put it to use at a variety of tasks out. This feature also helps to ensure that the deal has a cozy texture to the control of their user.

Beauty can be an aspect that's been contained in the plan with the knife. That is a result of the existence of a plastic sheath which fits the coloring of this knife.

Things We Liked

  • Has Rather sharp borders
  • includes a slip-free signature
  • Has a perfect length

Things We Didn't Like

  • The plastic sheath is easy to break

Gerber StrongArm Fixed Blade

Gerber StrongArm Fixed Blade

Love and have just as much pleasure as possible with combat games or training for this specific Gerber strong-arm fixed-blade.

The blade was coated with a ceramic to be certain it lasts more. The deal was equipped using a diamond feel that's been rubberized to ensure it's comfortable to put on.

It's a nice border which produces it sharp and simple to cut almost any material. To make it simpler, you are able to have the ability to break hard things readily with the bottom of this knife. It is achievable since the deal comes with a pommel effective at breaking up such a thing.

This feature may make it super simple to utilize the knife in hard and regular conditions. You won't regret purchasing this knife.

The sheath with a strap together design can be an original one. That is only because it might be mounted horizontally, vertically and Drop-leg style for optimum relaxation.

Things We Liked

  • Enabled to violate hard cloth
  • includes a Excellent allure to the Attention
  • It's comfy to maintain
  • It's company and powerful
  • The knife is sharp

Things We Didn't Like

  • The knife has a large base difficult to fit in the strap

Schrade SCH57 Full Fixed Blade Knife

Schrade SCH57 Full Fixed Blade Knife

Like an excellent adventure and feel safe using this remarkable Schrade SCH57 Total Fixed Blade Knife. Cut via a cloth easily and less effort with this particular blade.

With a powerful handle using a g 10 design which includes a thumb break for optimum comfort and utilize. This makes certain you could contain the knife securely at constantly.

You don't ever need to think about storage and implementing this out knife anywhere. That is only because it's a belt sheath that's a Thermo plastic which lets you transport the blade into numerous manners as possible. This feature also means that the sheath isn't influenced by fever.

The amount of the blade is short that a plus it really is really because it gets the knife more strong and feels hardy since you utilize it. Rendering it simpler is the blade has been carbon steel made ensuring it's strong and continues long.

Things We Liked

  • It blows through substance with much simplicity
  • It's Simple to Clear the blade
  • includes a comfortable thumb break
  • Top Layer of this blade is broad
  • The blade Is Quite powerful

Things We Didn't Like

  • Because of Its dimensions, it can easily be lost

Elk Ridge ER-052, Fixed Blade Hunting Knife

Elk Ridge ER-052, Fixed Blade Hunting Knife

Enjoy pleasure and fantastic achievement because you head hunting in the open with this specific Elk Ridge ER-052, Fixed Blade Hunting Knife.

Beautifully crafted and also a slick design of this blade, this knife really is a wonder and can draw in the eye out of way.

Made from metal, the blade comes with a direct edge using a hawksbill design and style. This helps make sure that clipping through crazy meat once you kill a monster, has been much ease and simple for your requirements.

The deal is perfectly equipped with a reinforce that can be silver-made and also an overlay out of Pakka Wood. This produces the grip have a cozy feel to the hands and makes it a lot easier to make use of the knife on rough animal-skin.

A sheath produced from leather which makes it effortless to have the knife also helps hang it into numerous places. The amount of this blade is short helping to make it increasingly efficient as minimal force is required to slit through meat along with also other substances.

Things We Liked

  • Perfect sheath for secure storage
  • Readily Utilized into baton timber
  • Attracting the Attention
  • Features an Extremely sharp sword
  • Resistant to rust

Things We Didn't Like

  • This knife is easily stained
  • The knife is a bit heavy

How to Choose Best Fixed Blade Knife

Before making your choice to obtain a fixed blade knife, then it's essential to know the capacities that the knife includes. The specifications are extremely important when picking a knife as well stationary knife knives usually don't come easy.

For several diverse sorts of goods from industry using various manufacturers, the majority of these can create their goods in various ways, which makes it challenging to compare. That is only because each wants to out do one other.

It's so critical to know a number of features essential to opt for the best-fixed knife knife based upon your own need to your knife. Listed here are matters to take into consideration while purchasing a stationary blade knife.


The best fixed knife knife ought to be durable. They ought to offer optimum performance and also a fantastic working experience. You want to pick an extremely long-lasting knife it can function you for quite a while.

The longer you make use of the knife, the much simpler and better it receives. Metal may be the ideal material in making blades as it's resistant to rust. This aids in making certain the knife lasts more and it has better service.

Length of Blade

The blade span is crucial to consider as it determines how heavy it cuts to some various material. The more the blade, the more heavier it blows off and also the briefer the blade, the more pliable it cuts.

That is essential particularly when you already recognize the form of task that you need to make use of the knife. Some tasks including hunting desire a knife with ordinary length whilst pitching knives as being a game necessitates knives using blades that are long.

The amount of the blade is equally crucial since it also can help to ascertain the total amount of force utilized to take care of the knife.


An excellent deal is just one with a nonslip texture to the hands on. That is only because just as far while the knife is more effective, it may be dangerous to an individual whether it slides through palms on. It can unintentionally slip in the hands and result in problems for you or some other individual.

An deal having an non metallic texture makes certain you're comfortable holding the knife and put it to use easily. A serrated handle could be your very best since it advances the connection between your control and the blade.


Nobody wishes to go searching for a blade that's truly light nor does anybody need to possess a knife which is overweight whilst playing with the knife pitching game.

The burden of a knife is crucial to consider particularly in the event that you have chosen the particular utilization of this knife.

A fantastic stationary blade knife needs to consume standard pounds, however it is all dependent upon the kind of task you would like to utilize the blade for optimum strength.


Storage is a significant aspect to take into consideration while purchasing a stationary blade knife. This doesn't just make reference to storage once the knife isn't used but even when taking it around.

A fantastic fixed blade knife ought to have a fantastic storage for safe keeping when not being used and carrying out. Leather sheaths and thermo-plastic sheaths would be the very best fabrics to use for storage goals.

Final Words

Fixed blade knives are a fantastic tool to use in lots of diverse pursuits and occasions if chosen well. The blades offer you excellent support, easy cleanup and also their sharp blades are ideal for cutting most stuff that you require cut.

Grab your self the best fixed blade now from the well-researched and detailed inspection. You won't regret the buy price and every cent will be well worth it.


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